Hella Micro DE Fog Light Kit and Aprilia RSV Mille Goldfren Brakepads Preview

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The Micro DE Fog lamp is the smallest product in the fog lamp range from Hella. The fog lamp functions well with respect to light placement and provide automobile designers, tuners an ideal illumination to enhance visibility even in dim light. This fog light can be fitted in the grill, under the bumper or through the front air dam or spoiler.

hella micro DE Fog Lamp

The Hella Micro DE auxiliary fog lamp functions using a halogen bulb fitted in an extremely small, robust and temperature resistance magnesium housing fitted with DE projector lens optics. The Micro DE auxiliary fog lamp emits a white light in a wide, low flat beam that has an amazing function of a sharp reduction to reflect off the water vapour back into the driver’s eyes. Since the Micro DE fog light beam is white, it can illuminate the road during rain and around corners and tight bends during pristine clear nights.

The Hella auxiliary Micro DE Fog Light Kit is fitted with two lamps with classy black decoration rings, H3 Halogen bulbs, soft rubber caps, brackets, wiring harness, relays, and switch. The instructions in the manual of the Micro DE Fog Light Kit are pretty straight forward and clear. The price of the DE fog light is Rs. 5670.

Aprilia RSV Mille Goldfren BrakepadsThe Aprilia RSV Mille Goldfren Breakpads are ceramic, typical iron friction brakepads designed for dry and wet friction. The additions with the K1 material are the finer additives to the base iron compound. The ingredients used in the rubber pads are lead and is asbestos free. The rubber pads are priced at Rs. 1,500.00.

The features of the Aprilia RSV Mille Goldfren Breakpads are, the pads are high static friction co efficient type. The pads deliver effective abrasive resistance. They have a high braking power to 500 degrees. The brakepads have excellent binding strength between copper plated steel base plate and friction layer. The wearing rate of the rubber pads is reduced by 20% compared to products with tight design and fitting. The rubber pads have minimal abrasive interaction with brake rotor material. The operational life is three times higher than organic and Kevlar composite Materials.

The material can be worn during dry and wet conditions for on road an off road motorcycles. For road motorcycle conditions the application suits both front or rear brake while for off-roads, most companies prefer using the Aprilia RSV Mille Goldfren Brakepads for front brakes. This material is designed for regular and exciting road riding applications.

The micro DE Fog Lamp and Aprilia RSV Mille Goldfren Brakepads are beneficial accessories for visibility during dim light and effective and safe braking. Accessories are becoming a common figure with cars and the accessory industry is extremely popular. The micro DE Fog Lamp functions brilliantly by emitting powerful white light that would be a boon during pitch dark nights. The Aprilia brake pads have supreme capacity to provide safe braking experience during rainy and sunny weathers.

These two products are the symbols of superior accessories that can be extremely useful for frequent commuters.

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