Waeco Compressor CDF-18 – in-car cooler and freezer

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Are you a travel freak and love all the outdoor fun? Do you enjoy going out for impromptu picnics and day out trips with your family and friends in your car? Then, an in-car cooler or freezer can be really handy device for you. If you really want to pack in a helpful device in your car that would keep your refreshments ready to be used by your family and friends while driving to a far off destination or during a fun picnic in the lap of nature where no refreshment stalls are there, then the Waeco Compressor Freezer is the thing for you.

The Waeco Compressor Freezer is a really great portable and compact cooler cum freezer that’s also lightweight. It will keep all your soft drinks, beverages, beer, cold soups and sandwiches cool and fresh. Perfect for summer days, it can also keep necessary medicines well protected from the sun and heat.

Waeco Compressor Freezer CDF 18

Let us take a look at all the major features of the Waeco Compressor Freezer CDF-18 – 18 Litres:

  • It has 18 litres of capacity.
  • It has a compressor with integrated control electronics.
  • It comes with low voltage protection.
  • It also features an electronic fuse/automatic reverse pole protection.
  • The freezer sports a compact size and less weight which make it extremely easy to carry.
  • You can enable/disable the low voltage protection feature as per your convenience. For complete insulation, the unit has PU foam all around its body.
  • It comes in pale grey and dark grey colour options.
  • It has a temperature range of (+)10 DegC to (-)18 DegC
  • It’s power input is approx. 35 watts and power consumption of 0.38 Ah/h at +20 DegC ambient temperature, 0.64 Ah/h at +32
  • It has body dimension of 465 mm width x 414 mm height x 300 mm depth.
  • The freezer weights approx. 11.5 kg and is tested and approved by CE, TUV/GS, e-certified (Automotive EMC Directive)

The freezer has the power of WAECO brand that is a Domestic Group and is known for its expertise in mobile refrigeration and automotive air conditioning devices. WAECO also has a big name in providing a wide range of electronic and safety car accessories apart from several other accessories for vehicles. The Indian company is the OEM supplier of built in coolers and electronic solutions for major automotive and boat manufacturers as well.

This cooling and freezing solution from WAECO is also very efficient in its performance and provides complete protection against any kind of short circuit or fusing problems.

This portable and lightweight cooler cum freezer has a tough built that gives you the assurance of a long lifetime and continued service for years. The freezer is a perfect solution for all travel enthusiastic auto owners who like to carry a little world with them in their vehicles.

What more, the Waeco Compressor Freezer – CDF-18 – 18 Litres comes with a full 1 year warranty from the manufacturer and can be yours for a price of Rs 32990.

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Waeco Compressor CDF-18 - in-car cooler and freezer, 2.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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