Cosworth Cold Air Induction Kit Pulsar 220 Review

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Cosworth Performance Air Filters are designed from an exclusive non-woven synthetic filtration media that does not need oiling. Each Cosworth Cold Air Intake System is designed and engineered for the purpose of vehicle specific application, which provides clear air supply to the engine. The introduction and fitment of Induction kits are beneficial to maintain the cooling and balanced internal temperature.

Cosworth Air Induction Kit

Cosworth’s Cold Air Intake System is appreciated for its increased diameter; large smooth radius bent high quality stainless steel tubes for greater air flow management together with high air filter for superior air flow and performance.

Each kit is designed with enhanced air suction hose which has the capacity to suck fresh cold air from vehicles front grill portion and an integrated heat shield design to remove the hot air from engine. This in turn delivers cold air into the engine for heightened power conversion. The filter has a large diameter and is conical in shape and manufactured to minimize intake restriction which results in additional power and torque.

For an interesting piece of information, Cosworth is the first company to introduce and manufacture ‘’Bolt On’’ easy to fit Cold Air Intake systems for many models of Indian vehicles. The features of Cosworth Pulsar 220 are improved performance, superior throttle response, superior filtration, amazing dust holding capacity, reduced restriction of over 35% compared to OE filters, over 98% efficiency.

The kit can be serviced for every 5000kms or once in six months for highway usage and dusty conditions. You can remove dust from Cosworth Air Filter by removing the equipment from your bike and with a mild blow remove dust. The equipment can be rinsed in mild soap water.  You can rinse the filter under running water from the interiors to wear of dirt particles off the filter instead of allowing it to penetrate into the filter material. You can allow the filter to dry completely with natural drying and do not use a heat source for drying purposes. Lastly reinstall the filter.

There are certain cautionary measure to take while using the Cosworth, this kit can be used only on the vehicle specified in the application. Make sure that this filter is protected from water during rainy weather. While washing the vehicle with water make sure that the filter does not get wet. The filter is priced at Rs. 3,300.

The Cosworth Cold Air Induction kit is an excellent kit to protect your vehicle from overheating and maintaining a balanced temperature. Filter kits have become an essential part to possess with your vehicles especially for long distance commuters to maintain the required internal heating of your vehicle. The Cosworth Cold Air Induction kit is designed with incredible technology to offer enhanced protection to your vehicle. With the fitment of the Cosworth Cold Air Induction Kit into your vehicle you can travel for long distances without having to worry about your vehicle heating up and enjoy a pleasurable and stress free drive.

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  1. Rohan Mishra says:

    Were will the conical filter fit .Is it at the stock box placed or else were.And is it the short ram or a long ram.Please suggest Coz I nedd to install CAI

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