Ford Fiesta Classic Original Car Accessories

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Ford cars are extensively popular in India, and Indian manufactured Ford Figo has gained significant attention not only in India but also overseas, the car is also the best seller in India. Ford is on its way to launch the classy Ford EcoSport in June this year. The Ford Fiesta Classic is another impressive car. Ford has spiced up its luxury sedans and hatchbacks with new and exciting accessories rarely seen before. Let’s browse through some of the interesting interiors accessories offered in Ford cars.

Ford Fiesta Classic Car Accessories

Long Stalk Reading Lamps- as mentioned Ford has introduced new accessories never seen earlier; the Long stalk reading lamp is one of them. This is an amazing accessory especially during night travel when you want to read something when bored. This reading lamp is designed to offer better lighting facilities in pitch dark exterior atmosphere.  This is ideal for ardent readers, where you cannot get a slightest glimpse of the amazing scenery outside.

The reading lamp is designed with long bar, there is an on or off switch with a bright bulb. The advantage of the bulb is to enable enhanced visibility for rear occupants during twilight.

Camel Beige Pillow Cushions- these cushions are super comfy, manufactured with recron fabric to blend with the interior décor of the car. The cushion is designed with wrap Velcro and foam padding. The advantage of these pillow cushions are you can sit comfortably for long hours to experience a realm of luxury. The cushion is priced at Rs 599.

Leather Steering Beige Wheel-To elevate the royal atmosphere in cars, the beige fabric in steering wheel is tailored with premium automotive crafter leather.  The advantage of this beige fitment is classy appeal and flexible grip. The beige coat is priced at Rs 4,606.

Rubber Floor Mats-These mats are designed to prevent dust and dirt particles from penetrating the floor of the car. Some of the amazing features of the rubber floor mats are it is fire resistant and can be used as a shield to protect from fire. It is manufactured with superior make of rubber fabric. The front mats are garnished with heel pads. It acts as a protection medium in front seats, to prevent injuries on your head and body during sudden impacts.

Cigar Lighter-This is fitted to a 12 volt power vent in dashboard, and offers a quick and effective method to light cigarettes.

Sports Pedals-These pedals heighten the sporty appeal of the car, they are rolled out with three cuts for clutch, accelerator and brake. The Sports pedals offer a comfortable experience with smooth grip, protection and fit. It is priced at Rs 2,281.

The mentioned accessories are a perfect match for luxurious and sporty Ford cars. These accessories are on par with the classy appeal of the cars, especially the cigar lighter and the long stalk reading lamp. With these impeccable accessories it comes as no surprise that Ford cars are a massive hit in India.

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Ford Fiesta Classic Original Car Accessories, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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  1. the fire resistant feature of this car’s Floor Mats is simply remarkable…

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