Winner Car Door Sill Step Plate for Ford Figo

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Ford Figo is branded as the bestselling car in India; the company has introduced a unique and interesting accessory with the Ford car that would attract all age groups called the winner car door sill step plate. This accessory has a striking blue shine to it which creates a starry bright image. The winner car door sill plate is pretty eye catchy at first glance. The plate is embedded with the name of the manufacture ‘Ford’ in a one of a kind calligraphic manner. Consumers will be startled at the first glance of this accessory and this accessory would be sold out in no time. Passer by’s would want a lift in the Ford Figo when they view this accessory. A shiny accessory with the company’s logo is extremely rare.

Ford Figo

You can show this light with your peers and also enhances the visibility in pitch dark areas. The sill step plate can be a torch with a much brighter illumination in the form of a striking blue light. Ford owners might no longer require a torch. The illumination can range from different colors depending on the color of your car. The luxurious effect is contributed by the pristine stainless steel and classy silver chrome finish. The plate is rolled out in sets of 4 fragments which make it easy to install in showrooms and workshops.

A few noteworthy and interesting features of this plate are the remarkable blue LED light of side doors is offered with a set of 4 fragments for the front and rear. This plate illuminates when door is open, it is designed with silver chrome and top quality stainless steel. The amazing part of this sill plate is acts as a shield to protect the interiors from any form of fingerprints or scratches. It is delivered with automotive adhesive quick fix to enable efficient and speedy fixing.

The winner car door sill step plate in Ford is an interesting accessory; this is more unique than even the star accessory by Mercedes. Ford cars in India have contributed heaps of profit to the company with the Ford Figo contributing amazing profit turnovers in the Indian and International market. The interiors of the Ford Figo are extremely comfortable with ample head, knee and leg room. The exterior resembles a classy hatchback. The winner car door sill step plate is beneficial during night travel; it also enhances the style quotient of your car to create a typical top notch professional image. You can show off this accessory in front of your friends along with the car.

Most car companies offer plates as accessories, but the winner car sill plate out beats other car plates with its bright classy illumination. The most interesting part is the company has introduced accessories in many colors to match the shade of your car. The plate is designed with supreme metal finish of stainless steel and silver chrome that adds to the glossy effect along with the light.

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