The Classy and Illuminating LED Scuff Plates in Toyota Etios

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Interior light accessories are becoming more and more popular, years ago nobody would have imagined that you could buy luxurious car with classy illuminating scuff plates of LED type. The LED scuff plates are extremely beneficial for night travel, for those returning home after work or for people who have to travel by car during peak dark morning hours. These scuff plates increase visibility to new heights, occupants would feel safe and also be aware of those who try to peak into the car. Even for a fun travel into forests to have a glimpse of the wilderness in the night, the LED Scuff plates will be beneficial.

toyota etios led scuff plates

Toyota has designed the Etios car with an extremely attractive exterior, roomy interior, super efficient engine, and optimum safety features. Moreover the interior fitments are advanced with high tech music systems of Kenwood, Sony and so on. The company has introduced an amazing array of accessory options rarely seen in most luxurious cars. The LED Scuff plates competes the picture of a posh cruise like car atmosphere. The illuminating light emitted by the LED Scuff plates enhances the interior décor of your car along with other premium interior fitments. These plates have the ability to attract buyers and occupants of all ages. Youngsters who drive the Etios can boast of a posh car and an equally classy accessory.

Let us go through the features of the LED Scuff plate:

The plate is offered in a striking blue color, the bright illumination enables the driver to park the car with ease in pitch dark locations. The illumination appears stunning that would grab the attention of passer by’s. The plate is delivered in four pieces which can be pasted in four windows. You have to connect the plate with the interior dome light to install it in your car. There is an adhesive tape on both sides which can be pasted on each window. It is dust and water resistant, manufactured with premium stainless steel and plastic. The LED Scuff plate is fitted with exclusive wiring which is fuse resistant for additional protections and safety.

The power loading capacity is 160 mA which contributes to the heightened illuminating effect. These Surface Mounted Devise (SMD) LED’s are of supreme quality manufactured in Japan and has passed the child approval examinations.

The LED Scuff plates have excellent illumination and safety features, moreover these plates are resistant to dust and water resistant, so you do not have to worry about dusting your plate and pouring water on it by mistake. The illuminating power is admirable that enables the occupants observe another oncoming vehicle at the other end miles away. On highways, these plates are beneficial in pitch dark to prevent your car from rolling over the sides during each turn.

On the whole the LED Scuff plates not just forms an attractive piece for your car, but has the capacity to protect occupants from accidents especially in highways during pitch night travel.

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