The classy start button gear knob called Niken

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Illuminating start button gear knobs were a common sight in James Bond movies to create an interesting world of fantasy. Imagine the same being used in real life. The Niken start button gear knob has an amazing illuminating effect. This start button accessory is designed with effective ignition systems, which is fitted on luxury cars of Benz SLR McLaren and Mercedes.

niken starter button shift gear knob

This start gear knob works by turning the ignition to run mode, open the gear knob cover and press the concealed button to start the engine. There is a shiny black ignition opening.

The Niken start button functions this way:

When you start your car, the start button emits a red light which can be fitted in all cars. This would be ideal if you want to enhance the posh appeal of your car. The Niken start button might be small, but is designed with world class aluminum finish, and the red light represents a work of talented engineers and designers. The first gear knob protects occupants through the red light which enhances outside visibility especially during pitch dark periods.

As mentioned this devise, heightens the luxury quotient of your car, occupants would feel the rhythm of luxury as observed in the Santa Fe or Jaguar. There is a reply box fitted in the devise which enables safe driving. The Niken start button gear knob has gained international acclaim, and was showcases at the SEMA event in Las Vegas.  The design on top secures the engine; the coverlid can be opened and shut to further dwell into the design and make of the gear knob. For youngsters who are gadget freaks, this would be an excellent medium to understand the design and materials of the product. The power output is decent at 12Volts.

This gear knob can be incorporated in luxury and sporty cars that emit power outputs of 12 Volts. This can be used in manual cars as well, in manual models, the Niken gear knob is tailored with ignition button kit of One Touch make decked with red button and gear knob designed with chrome. The gear knob has an attractive dimension with a width of 6.5×4.8cm and height of 9cm. The other attachments with this gear box are relay box, wiring, rubbers, screws and so on. The relay box is inserted with screws and tapes with two sides.

This devise emits a classy illuminating red light, this devise is simple to operate, and car companies deliver instruction manuals along with the car. The Niken gear knob can be attached to alarm systems; this is indeed a remarkable devise that enables multiple operations at one shot.

The Niken gear knob is a pristine and beneficial accessory which is extremely eye catchy at first glance that would attract customers. For a price of Rs 2,500 the Niken gear knob is a significant boon to customers, which offers multiple functions in terms of safety, alarm system signals and a classier appeal to your car. Nobody would believe accessories inspired by half fantasy movies such as James Bond would be introduced in car showrooms. For those interested this is a noteworthy and value for money purchase.

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The classy start button gear knob called Niken , 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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