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Speedwav - Combo of Air Compressor with Tubeless Tyre Puncture & Gauge

These accessories are very essential to ensure the smooth running of your car. Read on to know more:

Speedwav – Combo of Air Compressor with Tubeless Tyre Puncture & Gauge

This combo kit comes at Rs. 451

This very useful Combo pack of Air Compressor with Tubeless Tyre Puncture & Gauge from Speedwav is a great accessory that should always be stored in your car for the time of requirement.

The package contains:

1) Air Compressor (with in-built tyre pressure gauge)
2) Tubeless Tyre Puncture Kit

Air Compressor

Just think of a situation when you are off with car speeding on an isolated highway and you suddenly realize that you got flat tyre and even your stepney has also gone flat. In such a situation you can use this air compressor to fill up air using the foot pump and then you can drive up to the nearest Tyre/ tube repair store to get it fixed. Air comes out slowly from a running Tyre, so you can fill up air even in a punctured tyre and it will last for over 1KM. Thus, this Air Compressor is a must have accessory.


This high quality air compressor shows accurate tire pressure and comes with a 150 psi gauge to measure tire pressure. It features a 3m cord with cigarette lighter plug and 1m air hose. It contains a metallic nozzle as compared to the plastic nozzles of other compressors. It is compact and thus easy to handle and store.


Size-15 x 12 x8 cm Max presure-150psi.
Certification-CE Voltage-12V Weight – 500gm Package
1 x Plastic built air compressor 2 x Nozzle Adapters. 1 x Sports needle

Tyre Puncture Kit

Key Features:

This is an all inclusive puncture kit to provide every essential tool in one package.
It is easy to handle and repairs tyres in a few easy steps.
Tubeless Tyre Puncture Repair Kit is an essential accessory for easy tubeless tyre repair on the go.

The kit contents:

Kit contains spiral cement tool, T-shaped handle tool, Needle for permacure plug, Allen key Permacure plugs. All these come packed in separate see through plastic packs. Spiral Tool is used to drive into the puncture to prepare it for insertion of the fluid or repair strip. Needle is used to identify the torn out area, handle tool is used to repair strings to the tyre, vulcanizing fluid to fill the patches of the tyres, and Permacure rubber plug for insertion. The most important tool is the Allen Key, which a simple but functional tool used to drive bolts and screws with hexagonal sockets in the head.



ABRO Heavy Duty Engine Degreaser is a strong blend of solvents and grease cutters that quickly penetrates to remove stern grease and grime to keep the car engine clean.

Key features:

Penetrates deep and emulsifies with a powerful blend of solvents and grease Cutters.
Maintains the smooth functioning of engine.

This engine maintenance product is priced at Rs. 337.

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