GoPro HD Camera and accessories

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The GoPro HD Camera is a unique and attractive looking camera. It also has very cool features that make this little item highly desirable. Modeled around high technology and framed picturesquely, this GoPro HD camera has everything you need, for an outdoor event, or to capture a party. This camera has a Optical sensor typeCMOS, and has incredible sensor resolution of 50,00,000 pixels. The camera weighs barely anything at 3.3 oz, and is about 1.3 inches in depth, and about 1.7 inches in height. The lens of this camera is a Lens SystemLens having F/2.8.

GoPro 3D Camera Housing Main

The camera unfortunately does not have very good interface, and there is also a sort of hum or noise that goes on during playback. The screen is not conducive and it can hardly be called one since you can’t see anything it displays without straining your eyes.

GoPro 3D HD Hero System

This 3D Hero System lets you combine practically combine two HD Hero cameras, and or two HD HERO 2 cameras in one uni-housing to let you record videos in 3D and also to shoot fantastic photographs. You can get this GoPro 3D Hero System for Rs.8,280/- only.

The GoPro Auto Charger

This charger allows you to charge HD HERO camera/s while you are on the move in your car. It consists of a Dual USB port which charges as many as two cameras together, and quickly at that. There is 1 amp for each port, which helps to charge your cameras faster. Buy ultra useful charger to charger to ensure that your long vacation does not to unsnapped. Price at present for this charger is Rs.1,960/- only.

The GoPro Battery BacPac is a super convenient piece of equipment that you just must have. This Battery BacPac acts like a charger to use as a spare for your HD HERO and HD HERO 2 batteries. It also attaches to the back of both camera models to boost recording time to at least double, This battery pack can be had for Rs.4,125/- only.

GoPro Camera Tethers

To bring absolute safety to your GoPro cameras, these tethers along with adhesive anchors are provided to ensure that your GoPro camera is secure even while snapping in precarious conditions. These tethers affix onto the housing of the camera to keep your device still and in place. This Camera tether comes at a price of Rs.1,399/- only.

GoPro Chest Mount Harness

This GoPro Chest Mount Harness straps onto you, to make your trips more adventurous and also, hands free. This Harness is extremely pliable and can be adjusted to fit every size. It comfortably wraps around you to keep your camera in place allowing you to capture footage for your very own live action scene! Buy this harness for just Rs.2,520/- only and let the adventures begin!

GoPro Curved adhesive mounts

Buy these mounts, which are like the ones which come included with HERO and HD HERO cameras. With this attractive package, you will get five curved 3M adhesive mounts. Buy these mounts for just Rs.1,400/-.

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