Essentials to fix your vehicle tyres on the go

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If you like to go everywhere mostly driving your own car, then you must keep a few things handy to help you out in case of a flat tyre in the middle of nowhere. Check out these essential tools to help you fix your wheels on the go.

Speedwav Heavy Duty Electronic Car Tyre Inflator Pump Compressor Durable Steel Body

Speedwav – Heavy Duty Electronic Car Tyre Inflator Pump Compressor Durable Steel Body

In case you get a flat Tyre in an isolated place and realize that even the stepney is flat, then this handy electronic pump can come to your rescue and fill air in the punctured tyre in no time. You will then have ample time to locate the nearest Tyre/ tube repair shop to fix the tyre in a professional way. This electronic tyre inflator will fill air very quickly and help you in dire situations. It is a very helpful device for a person who likes to go on long trips solo or with family in his car. This device comes at Rs. 1390.

Key Features:

Superior quality air compressor
Shows accurate tire pressure.
150 psi gauge to measure tire pressure.
3m cord with cigarette lighter plug and 1m air hose.
Metallic nozzles against plastic nozzles of common compressors.
Provides air flow of 35L/Min, the best in class.
Superior value for money and greater quality as compared to other compressors.
Compact and portable design.


Size: 15 x 12 x8 cm
Maximum pressure: 150psi.
Certification: CE
Voltage: 12V
Weight: About 3 to 3.5 kg.

Package Contents:

1 Metal air compressor
2 Nozzle Adapters.
1 Sports needle

Motocop – Tyre Repair Kit

Key features:

International Quality Product
Easily repairs a Tubeless Tyre Puncture

This is an international, branded quality product that is very useful to repair all tyres in emergencies. It is specially designed for Do It Yourself use along with step by step instructions to repair a tubeless tyre puncture without even removing the tyre from the vehicle. All the tools come packed in a small bag along with a puncture wick to help you fix your wheels fast and easy. Combined with an air inflator and you don’t have to worry about going to any tyre repair shop. It costs only Rs. 400.

Motocop – Electric Jack & Wrench Combo


Combo pack of two Innovative devices
Electric Jack Can Lift Vehicle of Weight 3-5 Ton
Easier to Screw and Unscrew Wheel Nuts with Available Wrench

It is a useful combination of two devices in one portable case. The package comes with battery operated tools for quick and easy change of tyres on any vehicle from compact cars to SUVs. Electric Jack MEJ-105 is very strong, reliable 2.0 ton jack with lifting height of 14-43 cms and weight up to 3-5 tons. The Auto Impact wrench MEJ-107 runs on 12V power supply and screw & unscrew wheel nuts with very easily. It comes with a 1 Year Brand Warranty and costs Rs. 7990.

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