How to Clean a Car Battery

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Sometimes when you turn the ignition key to start your car, absolutely happen nothing. Due to dust or corrosion around the battery terminal cause some problems in the proper operating system of the battery. If you are aware with the different techniques to remove the dust and corrosion from the battery terminals then you can save some extra expenses. Learning how to clean a car battery would be the best to avoid from unnecessary expenses and worries.

Clean a Car Battery

Here are few effective and useful tips to clean a car battery easily and accordingly.

  • First of all you need gather the various necessary supplies necessary to clean a car battery.  Some necessary supplies includes safety glasses & goggles, baking soda, electrical tape, screw driver, razor blade, toothbrush, locking pliers, water, wrench, grease, petroleum jelly, clean cloth and rubber gloves for protecting your hands.
  • Now open the battery of your car, you must need to disconnect the terminals of the battery before to clean a car battery. After opening the hood of your car, wear the protective gloved in order to stay away from the contact with the acid of the battery. Now you need to take a brush and hardly scrub around the terminals of the battery in order to remove the corrosion.
  • You must need to blow off an access dust from the rings, inside as well outside terminals of the battery. If you rub the battery terminals with the brush properly, then appear a shiny and clean metal instead of corrosion materials.
  • You also need to properly check the wires that are connected to the terminals of the battery. If corrosion appear under the wire sheets or in between the battery terminals then you must need to remove that area properly. If you still se corrosion then you need to keep it cleaning until a pure and clean copper appear. Ever ensure to leave the wire that will reach to the terminal of the battery easily. If possible buy a new battery wire from the auto shops.
  • You need to pour a solution of baking soda on the battery in order to clean a car battery. It is best and excellent way to clean the battery terminals. Reaction between the water and baking soda eats off the corrosion around the battery terminals and allow an excellent connection between the terminal and battery. Mix one tablespoon of baking soda with one cup of water, with the help of toothbrush scrub the top of the battery to remove the corrosion inside and outside of the battery terminals.
  • Make sure that all the corrosion is washed away, and then dry the battery and clamps with a clean cloth.
  • Lubricate all exposed metals of battery terminals with the petroleum jelly or grease.
  • Now connect the terminal of the battery properly, tighten the nuts of terminal with your wrench.

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