Car Blind Spot Mirrors

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Accessory firms are incorporating lights which a more powerful illumination than earlier. Most blind spot mirrors are designed with a curved architecture that prevents sufficient required visibility. Car interior mirrors are powerful tools for heightened safety. A famous professor of mathematics, Dr Andrew Hicks from reputed university called Drexel designed a mirror mounted on the side to enable superior viewing abilities, without any disturbances.

Car Blind Spot Mirrors

The structure of the blind spot mirror tailored by Hick is one segment of high quality glass. The technology employed to design this mirror required many calculation that extended to thousands. Hick stressed on the impressive creation of this glass, by segmenting an array of small mirrors that can turn to various angles. This indeed showcases the advancement of light technology which can function like magic lights in a disco. The main principle behind the calculations is to observe the direction with which the ball turns when single light rays reflecting from the mirror which demonstrates a clearer picture of the sight behind.

Mirrors deliver a clear image of events at the back at a 45 degree angle, in the event of irregularities the angle is not all that disturbed. Usual mirrors in driver’s seat can illuminate at an angle of 15-17 degrees. Blind spot mirrors are additional accessories which would be highly beneficial in India with the increase in vehicular traffic and establishment of industrial sectors. This mirror was invented and manufactured by Hicks many years back but the product has received patency rights recently a month ago.

These mirrors would highly benefit those who work in night shifts, especially when the street lighting facilities in India is not up to the mark. The road conditions are unsatisfactory, and hence during night time with the occurrence of bumps and stones, there are high chances of accidents. These mirrors are extremely useful for those who have to work at night to support many family members.
Some of the interesting features of blind spot mirrors are, these mirrors are life saving tools to prevent unfortunate accidents. These mirrors are easy to install on right and left mirrors. Accessory companies are working on introducing many mirrors for car interiors compared to years ago where there were fewer mirrors. The change in lifestyle and fast paced life where newer inventions are emerging at faster rates, has resulted in higher numbers of mirror accessories for a unburdened safe and pleasurable drive experience.

These mirrors are highly useful in trucks that transport goods in highways where roads are narrow particularly during peak dark hours. Any drift when maneuvering on highways can result in accidents. Blind spot mirrors offer higher visibility during foggy and rainy weather as well. During peak rainy weather, rain wipers might not necessarily wipe away translucent visibility.

There is extensive research and development in the field of light technology developed with complex mathematical calculations which would cater to higher illumination capacities. Mirror technology in cars has progressed to new heights that can deliver enhanced visibility from all angles. The advancement in car mirror technology will probably prevent many accidents in the future. Those keen to purchase cars, should study the features of useful accessories and make use of these to the optimum.

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