Accessories to jazz up your ravishing Honda Jazz

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The Honda Jazz is a great stunning car. If you own this stylish and quality car then you would definitely like to preserve its looks and even further enhance it. Quality car accessories can make your car look and feel better, so that you can flaunt your car’s superior aspects. Here are some great accessories that will help you preserve you Jazz’s looks and also make look and feel even better, and thus make for an overall enhanced driving experience.

2012 honda jazz

Galaxy Car Body Cover for Honda Jazz

Key features:

  • Superior quality, durable imported fabric
  • Fully water-resistant
  • All weather car cover for complete protection
  • Effective against from dust, scratches and dings
  • Offers protection from UV rays
  • Light weight and easy to use
  • Provides perfect body coverage
  • Comes with clamp mechanism

This great and durable body cover protects your Honda Jazz in all weather conditions. It provides custom fit to your car ensuring superior protection. It is effective, tough and long lasting. Designed for all-weather usage, it can handle all harsh weather conditions and offer effective protection from the harmful effects of natural elements. It protects your car from the fading effect of the UV rays, dust, grime, snow, small scratches and dings. Being fully water resistant it offers complete protection against heavy rain, while not make your car sweaty as it also allows airflow. Its clamp mechanism holds cover in place. This great body cover is very easy to use and store. It comes in an elegant silver color and is priced at just Rs. 791.

3D Honda Jazz Maxpider Kagu

This is a durable driver’s foot mat that comes with molded TPR Heel Pad. It offers a superb 3-Dimensional design and offers custom fit for Honda Jazz. It offers a raised edge and helps keep the cars’ floor carpet clean. It is completely waterproof and effectively protects the car’s floor from dust, dirt, mud and grime. It has a high quality anti-slipping layer and provides superior safety while driving. It is also environment friendly, non toxic and completely odorless. This quality foot mat is priced at Rs. 5,250.

Autographix – Gaze

Spark up the exterior look of your car with this very attractive body graphics by Autographix. You can have it fixed on the hood, side or any other body-panel as per your preference. The gazing graphics will add a novelty to your car. It is suitable for Honda Jazz and Brio and is price at Rs. 949.

Black Label Car Gel Freshener Perfume – Pink Peach

Give your car a welcoming and warm ambience with this very quality and unique air freshener. It emits a refreshing and mild smell to invigorate the car interior. It is a high quality liquid perfuming agent that is packed in an aromatic elegant container that also acts as a showpiece. It eradicates foul odor and makes your car smell divine. It comes in a convenient pack of two units and costs Rs. 548 only.

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