Cool accessories for Tata Nano

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The Tata Nano is a competent compact car that is most ideal for the city runs. This economical small car is the ultimate solution to all the commuting requirements of a small family. It is ideal to drive in the congested traffic stricken urban roads and owing to its great compact design, the Tata Nano can also be parked easily even in a tight spot.

Tata nano

So, if you own a Tata Nano car and enjoy driving it, then why not heighten the pleasure of driving experience? Learn about few great accessories that are efficient in providing your greater convenience and comfort. With an increased level of comfort your Tata Nano’s driving experience will also be definitely increased. Thus, splurge in these very cool accessories and make every drive more pleasurable.

RAAISIN – Car Window SunShades

The tinting of the car windows is banned by the government for security issues, but what about the scorching Indian sun?  Sun shades are the solution, and they are very popularly used. Obviously they cannot be fitted onto the windscreen, but just fix them onto the side windows and protect yourself from the burning summer sunrays. These are great to provide adequate amount of sun protection to the passengers and thus also reduce the heating of the car interior. While not as effective as the dark films, the sun shades also reduce the harmful effect of the UV rays. This product comes in a set of 2 and is priced at Rs. 699.

P8 Fingo Neck Rest

The P8 Fingo Neck Rest can provide great comfort to you and your passengers, especially during the long journeys. The neck rests provide great cushioning to the back to the neck and thus provide relief to those who have a problem of neck pain and fatigue. These neck rests are made up of soft, luxurious and yet durable material to provide comfort for a long lasting period. The look and feel of these neck pillows will also enhance the overall look and luxurious feel of your car interior. The P8 Fingo Neck Rest comes in a pack of two neck pillows and is available in a very stylish beige color. This product is priced at Rs. 800.

Full Seat Wooden Beads acupressure seat cover

This is specially recommended for the drivers, as the wooden bead seats provide the right pressure point support to the driver and keep him comfortable. If you like going out for long drives but also have a nagging back pain problem, then this Wooden Beads Seat cover is a must for you.

It not only provides support to the right pressure points of the back but also ensures proper air circulation to the back of the driver, as his movements are restricted during driving and thus making him sweaty and irritable during long drives.

With its wooden beads, it looks great while also providing very necessary functionality. It is easy to install and is really durable.
A single piece of wooden beads acupressure seat cover is priced at Rs. 590 only.

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