Accessories meant especially for your Hyundai Eon

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The Hyundai Eon is a competent urban car that can efficiently drive you around the city roads effortlessly and in style. The car is a perfect companion for a small family and can effectively take care of all commutation requirements, not to mention the reliability of its Hyundai brand name.

Here are some special accessories that are manufactured exclusively for the Hyundai Eon. These accessories are meant to protect your car, enhance its looks and improve the passenger convenience. Thus, learn about these great accessories and take advantage of their usability while making your Eon look even more stunning.

Speedwav Side Beading Chrome Plated for Hyundai Eon

Speedwav Side Beading Chrome Plated for Hyundai Eon

This premium quality side beading is manufactured by Speedwav especially for Hyundai Eon. The side beading features classy chrome plated finish with elegant silver color and comes to use in two ways of protecting your car from scratches, while also adding a style statement to your beloved car. Side beading is a very essential accessory to evade scratches on the car’s doors in case the doors accidentally hit any object. While driving in heavy traffic, side beading can effectively save your cars sides during minor brushes against other cars. It can save you from spending a lot of money to remove scratches and to get body work done due to accidental brushing against other vehicles. The protective as well as stylish side beading comes is a pack of 4 and costs Rs. 1998.

Key Features:

  • Fiber and Chrome Material used.
  • Long lasting and durable.
  • Complete Set of Four Beadings.
  • Includes premium quality double-sided tape for a quick installation
  • Stylish Silver and Chrome color.

Cartime Hyundai Eon LED Sill Scuff Plates

Key Features:

  • Attractive Blue LED lights
  • Comes in a pack of 4 to be used in all 4 doors
  • Premium quality plastics and stainless steel material
  • 100% water and dust resistant
  • Perfect fit for Hyundai Eon

Illuminated scuff plates are not only trendy and in vogue but they also ensure safe boarding or de-boarding the car especially in pitch dark areas. The Illuminated scuff plates light up the moment car door is opened making the car passengers appreciate the beauty and innovation of this device. You can impress your friends and passengers by wowing them with this cool as well as useful accessory.

Cartime illuminated scuff plates come in a pack of 4 for all the doors. It is easy to install by connecting with the interior dome light, its double sided adhesive tape fixes easily at the back of each door sill. Its attractive blue light will add an elegant factor to the car. It is completely water and dust proof and uses high quality plastics and stainless steel for enhanced durability. Its special wiring harness with fuse protection 0.5 AVVS automotive grade wire ensures advanced safety. The scuff plate with light’s total power load is of 160 mA. It uses premium quality SMD LEDs manufactured in Japan. This great set of 4 illuminated scuff plates cost Rs. 999.

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