Superior accessories for Honda City

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Here are some superior quality accessories to befit the superior Honda City. Learn about them and splurge in to get an enhanced driving experience.

MIS Waterproof Car Rear View Night Vision Reversing Parking Camera

MIS Waterproof Car Rear View Night Vision Reversing Parking Camera

Key features:

  • High-definition reverse parking camera
  • 170 degree viewing angle
  • Compatible with any kind of monitor
  • Fully waterproof
  • Installs easily on the license plate or inside bumper

MIS Waterproof Car Rear View Night Vision Reversing Parking Camera is an advanced quality device with 170 degree viewing angle. It is minute in size and exceptionally effective and can be connected to any monitor. Being waterproof, it can be installed even on the number plate, and is effective and durable. Its efficiency can prove vital for your vehicle’s safety while reversing and parking. This superior device is priced at Rs. 1299 only.

HSR LED Mirror – Honda Pro Type

Key Features:

  • Easy installation
  • No light dispersion
  • Original OEM standard
  • Efficient indication of the vehicle’s direction
  • Provides efficient signal to other cars on both sides of the vehicle
  • Water resistant
  • Enhanced and maintained mirror clarity
  • Change of original vehicle circuitry not required

HSR LED Mirror for Honda is manufactured with glass of 2mm thickness that is tested for its strength, heat tolerance and durability. It is original OEM standard and has a stylish chrome color. When the directional LED lights are inactive, it looks like a standard mirror. The Pro-type LED mirrors take the place the original mirror during installation. They are very easily installed.

These LED mirrors works both as normal mirror for viewing cars at the back as well as for providing direction lights to the cars next to it. The LED mirrors offers effective warning indicating the car’s direction and provides signal to the drivers on both sides of the vehicle. Its effective functioning also efficiently reduces the risks of road accidents. The LED mirror does not disperse light and is completely safe to use and ensures increased safety while driving. These are water resistant and thus maintain clarity and repel most of the grease and dirt from accumulating on the mirrors and ensure clear vision even during rainy weather conditions. The LED mirrors also have an effective anti-glare property which reduces the reflection from the rear car lights. Thus, the LED mirrors provide the drivers better viewing in many ways and enable them to drive safely.

As several accidents occur as a result of drivers failing to notice that the car next to them is turning or changing lane, the LED mirrors can be an effective measure to evade such unfortunate events. Thus, HSR has come up with LED rear view mirrors to enhanced visibility for the adjacent cars and ensuring safe driving. It is priced at Rs 2,999.

HSR Company Ltd. was established in 1999. This reputed company mainly operates in import/export of auto parts and accessories. Because of the advanced quality commitment, HSR LED rear mirror has been chosen as original parts by the Taiwanese automobile industry.

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