Perfect floor mats for Chevrolet Beat called Kagu

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For a comfortable drive experience car companies are introducing mats with three dimensional technologies, a prime example being Kagu mats. These mats enhance the appearance of the car and also complement the classy interior theme. The range and quality of accessories introduced is amazing, the technologies used to tailor floor mats has improved rapidly. Earlier companies would introduce only floor mats with plain designs, but now Kagu floor mats are created with robust water proof abilities which are 100% to maintain an everlasting brand new image for cars.

Chevrolet Beat Kagu floor mats

Kagu mats are designed to preserve the pristine image of car by offering optimum protection from oil, water, dirt, mud and snow. Moreover the impressive technology employed is the anti-skid layer that offers supreme safety. These mats are also known to possess non toxic, non smelly and eco friendly properties.

The Chevrolet Beat is one of the most stylish car models launched in India, the exteriors are artistically designed with neatly carved head lights that initiate from front portion and expand to the rear hood. The style symbol of exteriors is enhanced by the classy bezel with chrome coat, quality lenses with crystal clear polycarbonate structure that is known to be identical to the flashy design of diamonds. The sporty appeal is increased by the neat curve that is positioned in the upward direction and a creatively designed roofline.

The interiors are known to elevate the exclusive style image of the car, with headrests that can be elevated to 65mm, the seats are tailored with carbon materials. The seat design and arrangement is a unique feature with bucket like structure that provides optimum stability during sharp turns. There is a door trim and instrument panel introduced in vibrant colors of silver, blue and red responsible for creating a royal interior image.

The Kagu mats would suit the magnificent features of the Beat to the hilt. In India, the Beat would be a dream model for the highly qualified young population. These mats ease drive pressures especially on Indian roads where drainage facilities are poor and there are chances of mats being drenched with impure rain water. Kagu mats being resistant to water come in great handy and consumers would not have to think of another purchase.

These mats are excellent in terms of safety with anti skid properties that prevents head injuries especially during sudden brake application.

Kagu floor mats are excellent accessories for Chevrolet Beat and other models, the impressive and stunning features of Chevrolet Beat together with Kagu mats might increase the profit sale output of this car. The anti-skid property is a boon for young kids and elderly population where there is no room for forward thrust during sudden jerks.

The interior features of the Beat are world class with high tech and modern fitments to enjoy a pleasurable drive experience with family and friends. It is remarkable that a mat such as Kagu can act as an effective safety tool. This is an example of the enhanced technologies used in small products.

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