Useful accessories for Chevrolet Spark

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The Chevrolet Spark is a compact urban commuter. This small hatchback from the house of General Motors serves a small family very efficiently while running across the busy traffic stricken city roads. The Spark looks nice and trendy and offers all the required qualities to become a small family’s daily travel companion.

If you own a Chevrolet Spark, then why not keep yourself handy with some necessary accessories? These helpful accessories will ensure that your Chevrolet Spark keeps its trendy looks intact and also performs the best. So, don’t wait, get yourself these very useful accessories and maintain the sparkle in your Chevrolet Spark.

Formula1 Carnauba car and bike Wax Polish


This product will ensure the glossy shine of your car. This Formula 1 product has superior Grade 1 Carnauba Wax. It has advanced micro-polishers to remove minor scratches and dullness of the car paint and brings out the real, rich color of your car’s paint. It leaves pure Carnauba Wax coating on the paint, which gives protection that lasts for up to 12 months. It provides showroom like gloss that is long lasting. FORMULA1 – CARNAUBA PASTE WAX is safe for all car paint work. It is fast drying and wipes off easily. This superior wax costs Rs. 485.

Usage guidance:

  1. For best results, use wax in room temperature.
  2. Apply only a thin layer of wax to avoid streaking.



Ensure the top performance of your car with ABRO Heavy Duty Engine Degreaser. This superior product contains a powerful blend of solvents and grease cutters that quickly works to eliminate stern grease and grime and keeps the car engine clean and ensures the engine’s top performance. This maintenance product is priced at Rs. 337.

Key features:

Penetrates deep and removes grease with powerful solvents and grease Cutters.
Ensures smooth functioning of engine.

Coverite – Silvertech Car Cover for Chevrolet Spark

Coverite SilverTech Car Cover provides high protection to your car from the damaging effects of the harmful UV rays and rough weather conditions.

SilverTech Car Cover for Chevrolet Spark is specially designed for this particular car and offers full custom coverage for enhanced protection. This car body cover is priced at Rs. 2,050.

Key Features:

Its great Sunbelt fabric keeps the car interior cool by reflecting the sunlight. It also provides supreme protection in wet and snowy climates.

  • It offers great protection from dust, dirt, rain, sand and minor scratches.
  • Comes with Mirror Pockets for perfect custom fit and full coverage.
  • Comes with Tie-Down Strap and Buckle to keep the cover in place even in extreme windy weather conditions.
  • Comes with a storage bag.

Installation instructions:

This car body cover needs to be put on from back of the car to the front to ensure proper fit. First fit its elasticized hem under the rear bumper and cover the back, then stretch the cover over the rest of car and fit the front elastic hem under the front bumper.

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