Classy accessories for the sophisticated Honda Civic

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The Civic is a refined premium car from the Japanese luxury car major, Honda. The Civic exudes its exclusive class, unique styling and premium features. The Civic is a very popular global car and forms a very important part of the total sales volumes for Honda in the global markets. Hence, the Civic brand is given special importance from the Japanese car maker. It you own a Honda Civic, then here some superior accessories that will complement your Civic’s premium features.

car body cover truck

Galaxy Car Body Cover for Honda Civic


  • Superior Imported Fabric
  • Completely Water resistant
  • Ideal for All Weather Usage
  • Protects from Dust, UV rays, dings and scratches
  • Extremely light and easy to handle
  • Complete coverage for Honda Civic
  • Custom fit
  • Clamp mechanism to hold the body cover in place
  • Stylish Silver Color

This is an idea strong, durable effective, all weather body cover to provide complete protection to your vehicle. This is custom made to offer absolute fit to your Honda Civic. It is fully water proof and provides ample protection against all damaging effects of the various weather conditions. Thus, this car cover will offer protection from daily dust, grime, rain, fading effects of the UV rays, bird droppings and snow. This very durable and long lasting body cover can protect your car from small dings and scratches. It comes with an effective clamp mechanism to hold the cover in place even during extreme windy weather conditions. This stylish and extremely effective body cover is priced at just Rs. 889.

Koizer Car Floor Mat Basket Cayenne

Koizer Car Floor Mat Basket Cayenne


  • High Quality material
  • Extremely tough and durable
  • Absolute value for money
  • Light weight and easy to clean
  • Custom fit for Honda Civic
  • 27 Years extensive manufacturer Warranty.

Protecting your valued car interiors from the onslaught of daily dust and grime and be really tough and a daunting job, which is not possible by using just any set of ordinary rubber floor mats. Ordinary car floor mats really don’t last long or provide ample protection, not to mention they are not really good looking for the great interiors of your car either. Thus, you should really consider protecting your car floors with a very stylish and effective set of floor mats that will also add a classy touch.

Sun Mold Engineers presents Digifit Car Floor Mats that are just such a unique set of great car floor mats, which are not only great to look at but are extremely effective and unthinkably tough. Digifit Car Floor Mats can effectively protect the floor of your car by cleaning and taking in all the dirt and grime off your shoes just when you step inside the car. These floor mats uses the latest CAD/CAM technologies and are extremely tough and durable.

These mats provide custom fit and are environmental-friendly. Being puncture and tear resistant, they come with an astounding 27 years of warranty, unfortunately your car is not supposed to last that long. It is priced at Rs. 3500.

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