An excellent product to bind car parts called automotive attachment tape

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Automotive attachment tapes by 3M are an ideal solution for damaged car parts; this is offered with Ford EcoSport. Most people today are extremely particular about maintaining a neat car image and in India a majority of the population enjoys possessing premium cars. The EcoSport has contributed heaps of profits to Ford and is an appealing factor to those who yearn for a model built with a unique combination of luxury and sporty stance.

3M™ Automotive Attachment Tape For Stronger BondingWith automotive attachment tapes driving in India would no longer be too stressful since damaged car parts can be stitched to its original quality structure with the aid of automotive attachment tapes. The increase in vehicular traffic has led to increased rash driving cases as well, and there are chances of your car being hit and also with the increase in employment rates, most people are in a hurry to reach their desired destinations.

Automotive attachment tapes are manufactured with acrylic foam technologies that possess incredible adhesive properties that can bind even the most non sticky agents together. This can be used in most car areas such as wheel flares, side moldings, bumpers, panel moldings and so on. The best part is it is easy to apply and priced at Rs 500 for its world class adhesive abilities. For those who are keen to purchase the Ford EcoSport this is one of the accessories to consider, especially for those who admire the car’s exterior design to the hilt and keen to maintain that image for years.

The launch of EcoSport has resulted in cut-throat competition with Duster designed by the eminent French firm Renault. The Duster has actually elevated the profit image of the company to new heights. The EcoSport is designed with a unique kinetic design theme, the uniqueness of car’s design is evident in the front portion with a grille in an artistic hexagonal manner splashed with chrome makes this car pretty eye catchy.

The engine efficiency is one feature to consider when purchasing the car built with a potent 1.5 liter petrol mill that churns shockingly impressive efficiencies of 170Nm peak torque and 123 PS highest power. The diesel version is constructed with a powerful 1.5 liter engine that releases remarkable efficiencies as well with 204Nm peak torque and highest power of 89PS. The car is built with best-in-class engine technology where power is transported to wheels in front through five speed gear box that operates automatically; this is present only with petrol variants.

The exemplary engine capacities of Ford EcoSport will gather more buyers for automotive attachment tape and this is one product that would appeal to young highly qualified professionals who would enjoy boasting about their new car to family and friends. The combination of EcoSport along with automotive attachment tape that binds damaged car parts is something most people would dream of, and years ago such accessories were not in the scene. Years from now the technology used to design car accessories will definitely progress to new levels. For ardent Ford EcoSport fans it would be worth it to shell out Rs 500 to purchase automotive attachment tape that would make driving at all times a pleasurable experience.

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