Advanced accessories for the stunning Hyundai Genesis

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Here are few advanced accessories that will enhance the driving experience of your excellent Hyundai Genesis. Get hold of these accessories and flaunt your car even more!

MIS Night Vision Reversing Parking Camera

MIS Night Vision Reversing Parking Camera


  • High definition reverse parking camera
  • Great for night time usage and dark areas
  • 170 degree view
  • Compatible with all sorts of monitors
  • completely waterproof
  • Can be installed easily and effortlessly

The MIS Night Vision Reversing Parking Camera is an innovative and superior quality device that offers great functionality. With its 170 degree view it gives accurate guidance. It is very small and ambiguous and easily blends with your car’s rear design and is compatible with any monitor. It is fully waterproof and you can install it even on the car’s number plate. It is highly effective, efficient and durable and offers superior parking guidance. This contemporary device costs Rs. 1299.

HSR LED Mirror for Hyundai Genesis


  • Simple installation
  • Zero light dispersion
  • OEM standard
  • Indicates car’s direction effectively
  • Offers proper signal to the vehicles on both sides of the car
  • Completely Water repellent
  • Prolonged mirror clarity
  • Original car circuitry can be retained

The HSR LED Mirror for Hyundai is made up of 2mm thick glass that ensures durability, heat resistance and high impact. It comes with original OEM standards and chrome finish. With its directional LED lights not in use, it works like a normal mirror. The Led Mirrors are very easily installed and replace the original car mirror when installed.

The LED mirrors are highly effective and efficient, as they can work in a dual way as normal mirrors to view cars at the rear, and also for offering directional lights to the vehicles next to your car. The LED mirrors offers effective warning indicating the car’s direction and provides signal to the drivers on both sides of the vehicle. The LED mirrors indicative functioning thus reduces risks of road crashes considerably. These mirrors do not disperse light, thus is very safe to use and makes sure that they provide the optimal viewing of other cars and offers increased safety during driving. Being completely water proof and high quality it maintains its clarity for a very long time. It also repels water, grease and grime from its surface so that you get clear view during the monsoons and muddy driveways. The HSR LED mirrors come with very effective and superior anti glare agents that reduce the light reflection from the cars at the back. The HSR LED mirrors are thus, the complete solution for better viewing of vehicles, providing directional information to the other cars and reduce risks of accidents and prolonged durability to the car owners that ensures safe driving and better economical value.

HSR has developed and brought the superior LED rear view mirrors to the market after studying that one of the major causes of accidents is cars not noticing another car changing lanes or taking turns. This great accessory is priced at Rs 2,999.

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