Wide rectangle blind spot mirror for your car

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Blind spot mirrors are common fitments in cars, these serve as additional safety tools. A reputed car accessory firm called I-Pod has built a wide rectangle blind spot mirror for side in driver’s compartment. This is offered with the trendy Ford EcoSport and many other models.

ipop wide rectangle carblindspot siderearviewmirror

Wide rectangle blind spot mirrors offer enhanced visibility caused by its increased diameter and is carved into a rectangular sculpt. These mirrors are highly beneficial especially during peak evening and night hours. The increase in life pace and work load due to newer products being launched in a jiffy is the main cause for Indian’s to return to their desired destination during peak night hours. Most Indian companies are into outsourcing and have merged with eminent overseas firms as well; hence people have to tune their biological clocks to work at night. Hence wide rectangle blind spot mirrors are highly beneficial during such circumstances.

Indian’s zero in on cars which are highly reliable in terms of safety since Indian road conditions are unfavorable especially during night travel with potholes and stone filled roads. If blind spot mirrors are offered with cars, this product will sell in dozens. Auto companies are conducting extensive research and development (R and D) and testing cars for their safety. Even international safety regulatory firms are conducting car safety experiments; the common example is Honda cars, the Civic has been provided with five star ratings for its impactful safety features.

Ford has built the EcoSport with world class safety features, the car is fitted with 6 airbags along with two airbags in front for additional safety, and there are curtain airbags as well in the side. There are seat belts in front and back, the doors have central locking abilities and locks automatically when there is sight of potential danger. There is an electronic stability program (ESP), hill assist, rear parking sensors, EBD and ABS. There is also a new best-in-class safety feature called SYNC, this technology works remarkably which functions as an emergency tool during threats or when air bags are released or in the event of immediate braking.

Ford EcoSport is indeed built with exemplary safety features and occupants would extremely safe. The additional package of rectangle blind spot mirror would make driving the car an extremely pleasurable and safe experience. Those who are keen to purchase the Ford EcoSport, this is a noteworthy purchase for a price of Rs 5.7 to 9.1 lakhs for its incredible safety, engine and exterior features and should also consider the rectangular blind spot mirror accessory. With this accessory one can venture on long distance drives with family and friends or also enjoy night parties and not worry about the extreme darkness.

Some important properties about rectangular blind spot mirrors are it can be adjusted and installed effectively. It can be fitted in any location inside the car; the mirror can be easily installed and removed. The mirror is impressively designed with excellent viewing angles. Rectangular blind spot mirror is a highly reliable product in terms of visibility and driving can now be an exciting and stress free experience.

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