Refreshing accessories for your Hyundai Eon

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The Hyundai Eon is a great urban vehicle that can give complete comfort and satisfaction to its owner while driving around the city roads and beyond the boundaries of the city. While a long drive in the summer evenings is really relaxing and refreshing travelling without cooling refreshments is no fun at all. Moreover, while zipping through the long stretches of highways in your valued Hyundai Eon, you might not always find your favored cold drink.

Tropicool Mobicool Car Cooler cum WarmerThus in a hot country like India, while it is nice to hit the roads in your car it is always better to carry your own refreshments to enhance the pleasure of the drive. Here are some very handy and portable coolers cum warmers that will not only let you travel with your own choice of hot or cold refreshments but also enhance the practicality of your Eon. Now you can get fully prepared to hit the long and dusty roads without the worry of stepping out of the luxury of your car to look for soft drinks or fresh snacks.

Enjoy the drives with cool refreshments right inside yourCar Coolerave a non-stop fun-filled trip.

Tropicool Mobicool Car Cooler cum Warmer


  • Capacity of 7 Litres
  • Strap to Carry
  • Cold and Warm Switch
  • No Compressor

The most convenient way to enjoy your drives is to have your own snacks and drinks ready right inside your car and thus, TROPIcool presents a handy and convenient cooler and warmer that will offer you the pleasure of carrying your own refreshments on the road trips. TROPIcool Mobicool is a compact and handy device with a carrier strap to provide extremely easy handling.

TROPIcool Mobicool has a capacity of 7 litres capacity with ample space to accommodate 6 500 litre bottles. You can even chill cans in this useful device. Use the Cold/Warm switch to keep the beverages chilled or to keep the snacks warm and fresh. This device is priced at Rs. 4990.

Tropicool Can Cooler and Warmer

  • Holds 1 Standard Can/1 small coffee mug/ 1 tea cup
  • Cold/Warm Switch
  • Compressor less
  • Included cable

While toiling the traffic stricken roads to and fro office or taking a city round, you might feel the need to have your evening tea or have a cooling soft drink with no way to get out of the car. For such requirements TROPIcool presents an incredibly compact and useful Can Cooler n Warmer that can keep your cold or hot beverages ready for you. The Thermo-Electric box is very handy and can fit in your coffee mug or a carbonated drink can.

This is a really cool and compact car accessory to keep you refreshed even while you are stuck in a bad traffic jam during the office rush. You don’t need to miss your hot tea or coffee or feel parched for your favourite cold drink on you drives. Just flip its switch according to your cooling and warming needs and it is always at your service. It is priced at Rs. 1249.

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