Innovative fragrances to make your Ford EcoSport feel divine

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The newly launched Ford EcoSport is already a well-known name in the Indian auto industry. This compact SUV not only offers great features, performance and looks but also claims to be the perfect modern urban car. Thus, while you enjoy your drives clad in the luxury of your EcoSport even on the hot traffic stricken city roads, experience great aroma as well. With these innovative and stylish car fresheners, feel relaxed and reinvigorated in the divine ambience of your car.

Speedwav Car Air Purifier Ionizer Oxygen Bar

Speedwav Car Air Purifier / Ionizer / Oxygen Bar


  • Innovative and compact
  • Repels bad odor by releasing millions of anions per second
  • Stylish and convenient
  • Just plug and use
  • compatible with all 12V car plugs
  • No harmful chemicals
  • No motor and absolutely soundless

This compact device is a must to refresh your car’s interior in a jiffy. It is priced at Rs. 299.

Concept Car Air Freshener


  • Unique and stylish package
  • Superior fragrance
  • Repels bad odor and refreshes car interior
  • Its air purifiers help clean the air and repels cigarette smoke
  • It is available in various mesmerizing fragrances

Concept car Perfumes with its great aroma and air purifying capabilities are very popular and appreciated. It is priced at Rs. 232.

Speedwav Hanging Football Car Air Freshener Perfume


  • Fresh, clean fragrance
  • Unique, eye catching design
  • International supreme quality
  • Made in USA

This is a great innovative product that will not only refresh the interior of your car but enhance its beauty. It acts as a small showpiece for your car apart from repelling bad smell from the interior. This handing football shaped air freshener comes with a spring attached for a fun bobble action when the car is driving and is perfect for kids and adults equally. It comes with a unique net like string to hang the miniature football carrying the air freshener behind the rear view mirror. It international fragrance quality will leave you enchanted. This great car perfume costs Rs. 223 only.

Auto Expressions Can O Scent Gel


  • Superior perfumed gel in a great spill proof container
  • Lasts twice as more than any other ordinary perfume
  • Neutralizes bad odor like cigarette smoke, food smell
  • Infuses refreshing aroma in car interior
  • International standard

This is a great aromatic car perfume that comes in a quality gel form. Its gel formula lasts very long, while its spill proof containers protect its contents. It contains 60% more gel than other similar products and lasts twice as more. It offers great aromatic perfumes of international standards and comes in a varied choice of fragrances to suit your preferences. It also has patented odor repelling agents that neutralize all kinds of bad smell including stale food, cigarette smoke, pet odors, etc. In addition, the quality of Gel is formulated to withstand high temperatures. It also comes with a unique Rub and Sniff patch to let you choose your favorite fragrance. It is priced at Rs. 299.

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Innovative fragrances to make your Ford EcoSport feel divine, 6.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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  1. sanjay thakkar says:

    when i buy this product for my eco sport ?

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