Quick fix to mend your precious Maruti Suzuki Swift’s paint job

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The great Maruti Suzuki Swift is a favorite Indian car. This bestselling hatchback is really favored for its chic exterior design, quality features and superb performance, not to mention the brand assurance of the market leader Maruti Suzuki. The Swift is an excellent premium hatchback from the house of the Indo-Japanese car maker that has been popular for years because of its sheer qualities. Once you lay your eyes on this contemporary and classy car, you would want to take a ride in it. And once you are inside, you’ll be further delighted by its quality features and superior comfort.

Speedwav Fix It Pro Scratch Remover PenIt is thus no wonder, that the Swift owners in India are immense proud of their possession. But imagine a situation that you have just bought a shinning new Swift and the next day only you find an ugly scratch on its otherwise impeccable exterior. What do you do then? Not to worry, as there is actually a very simple and quick solution to fix your daunting problem. Read on to know the wonder accessory that will restore the beauty of your car by banishing all the scratches.

Speedwav Fix It Pro Scratch Remover Pen


  • Extremely easy to use Pen style device
  • Designed for clear coat scratch repairs
  • Acts as a filler and sealer
  • Fixes scratches instantly
  • It is completely non-toxic and odorless
  • It provides a permanent solution and is fully water resistant
  • It works on any car and on any color
  • Easy to apply with simple 3 easy steps
  • It is absolutely safe to use
  • Is very safe to any kind of paint job
  • Acts as a water repelling device

Usage Instruction:

First shake Fix it Pro pen thoroughly with its cap on to activate solution. Clean the area of the car where the scratch is to ensure it is dust and grime free. Use the applicator on any other metal surface to check the products release. Now, put the tip of the Fix it Pro pen on the scratch, press and release the spring tip and apply the product throughout the scratch. Start working from one end of the scratch and work till the end of the scratch to cover it entirely in one go. Try to apply uniform pressure. Work in a preferably shaded area, though it can be applied on a sunny area too. Protect the product from prolonged sunlight exposure. After application of the product, wipe off excess product quickly with dry and clean paper towel. This is a universal product and can fix any scratches very fast. Once the scratch is applied with Fix it Pro it becomes invisible. Allow the surface to dry under sunlight till it is completely dry. Very deep scratches may need more than one application. Remember to replace cap immediately after use. Keep it at safe distance from children. This innovative and extremely helpful device is priced at just Rs. 356.

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