Universal steering pedal lock to ward away thieves

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Leaving cars unlocked might be a worrisome factor, companies have indulged in creating amazing products where people have no access to the clutch or brake called Universal steering pedal lock. This is offered with Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire and other cars.

universal steering pedal lock rod type rThe quality of accessories has improved over the years; steering pedal lock is a highly reliable product to lock vehicles. There are many other safety accessories as well with the manual lock switch on keys where people cannot brake car windows and unlock cars, but sometimes with the hectic work load it is possible for consumers to forget to lock their cars, but with steering pedal lock which is as big as a walking stick, there is no room for not remembering to lock cars.

The buying power for Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire is high, since is among the most popular and top selling model in India. Other companies have introduced cars to offer stiff competition with Swift Dzire, the Amaze designed by Honda is one of them. Since the car is in the most wanted list, customers would not miss the universal steering pedal lock accessory. This is a unique product and when customers come to know that such an accessory exits, the product will sell like wild fire.

Some of the interesting features of universal steering pedal lock are it is identical to the walking stick where the bent portion is attached to steering wheel and the hook at the bottom to clutch or brakes making it impossible for thieves to drive the car. The best part is the installation process is simple and can be used on any and every steering wheel.

Universal steering pedal lock is a dynamic safety tool and will be highly beneficial during long distance drives. This product has been given a five star rating by some states, and now insurance firms might suffer a set back since there is no room for stolen interior fitments. Universal steering rod is offered in some interesting and vibrant colors of blue and red. Customers would be amazed with the idea of colorful and beneficial safety device. Universal steering rod can be installed on all cars even vans and SUV’s.

With universal steering rod bike robbery cases might lessen to a considerable extent, although this product is common in cars, it surely can be applied to bikes as well with some inventive thinking process.

Universal steel rod is ideal for those who travel alone between cities, and now one can even stop at a restaurant and just lock brakes with this exemplary safety tool and not worry about it being stolen especially during peak night periods. The team which has designed this product has surely emerged with a powerful product although appears simple. Most people would be familiar with gear locks, but this product is prevents access to steering wheel, gears, brake, clutch and accelerator. This is a noteworthy purchase for those who are keen to purchase the Maruti Swift Dzire, and there cannot be a more reliable product for a price of Rs 349.

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