Cleaning kit combo package to shine your Toyota Innova

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The elegant, efficient and comfortable Toyota Innova is truly a pride of its owner. While driving in this car, one is wrapped in luxurious comfort and even the rough patches of the road seem to be buttery smooth. Thus, it is very natural for an Innova owner to take it for long, dusty drives often. However, the classy exterior looks of the vehicle is very important to protect. Learn about an ideal gift pack for your beloved Toyota Innova that will keep in clean and shiny always.

Jopasu Large Combo Gift Pack

Jopasu Large Combo Gift Pack for Toyota Innova

Package contains Car Duster, Mini Duster, Magic Glove and Magic Wipe. The entire package is priced at Rs.1199 only.

Jopasu Car Duster

This Car Duster is specially made with wax-treated cotton strands. It is safe for all car paints, will not scratch and clean very effectively.

It used for cleaning the car within minutes. It cleans the car so clean that you won’t need to wash it with water, thus saving effort and water both. It comes with a long plastic handle to clean the car top very easily. Its international quality and wax treated cotton strands dust not brushes off dirt but actually lifts it completely off the. It is completely washable and is very durable that lasts for years, making it very economical as well.

Jopasu Mini Duster

It is a very handy Glove shaped duster that is especially designed for cleaning hard to reach car interior parts.

It cleans super effectively in just few minutes’ time and saves water. It also features the high quality wax treated cotton strands that are absolutely white and remains white even after long usage. It lifts dust effectively without scratching the surface. It is extremely durable and can be used for years. It protects your hands while cleaning because of its innovative glove shape.

Jopasu Magic Glove

This is an international quality padded glove that features innovative Ultrafine Microfiber technology, which is meant to effectively clean window glasses, windshield and mirrors of your car. This very efficient cleaning accessory has super absorbency powers which also offer cleaning and polishing benefits at the same time. It cleans with or without water and no cleaning agents are required to get a super clean and spot free glass surface. It is very convenient to use and maintain. It is very durable, can be washed and re-used for many year, and thus is very economical as well. Use it anytime, anywhere to get superior cleaning.

Jopasu Magic Wipe

It is high quality car wipe made from revolutionary Ultrafine Microfiber Chamois material. This handy and efficient car wipe offers very high absorbency that enables one to clean, remove moisture, grime and give a polishing effect to the car’s exterior without the slightest risk of scratching or streaking the car’s paint. It is very convenient to use, wash and store. It is an ideal companion while washing your car with a car shampoo or applying wax to the car’s paint surface.

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