Michelin becomes tyre supply partner of the FIA Formula E Championship

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At the 2013 IAA Frankfurt Motor Show, Michelin has announced of its official partnership with the FIA Formula E Championship, the World’s First Global electric race series, as a tyre supplier for the first two years. Michelin is associated with Renault as an official tyre partner for the much awaited Spark Renault SRT_01E fully-electric single-seater car. This innovative race is all set to achieve new heights in the current electric motorsport field by using advanced technology, while also keeping a vigil on the fields of affordability and sustainability.

Michelin FE Pneumatique Tyre

During the showcase of the Spark-Renault SRT_01 Formula E electric single-seat racecar at the ongoing Frankfurt Motor Show, Michelin took the opportunity to unveil the tyres which the company has specially developed for the new electric car. The tyres have revolutionary design for the usage on single-seater sports cars. The head of automobile racing operations at Michelin, Serge Grisin commented that innovation is in the core of Michelin and such kind of innovative partnerships will allow the brand to come to the center of the latest and the best motorsports technology. It will also allow the company to transfer its experience from the track to the actual roads to cater to the needs of the modern customers.

He added that Michelin’s partnership with the FIA Formula E Championship reestablishes the fact that motorsport events can actually come up with feasible solutions to the problems revolving around the commutation system. He said that the company believes that the championship will become an urban mobility research for the future.

The primary features of the Michelin tyre technology meant for the Spark-Renault SRT_01E are as follows:

18-inch tyres:  For the very first time, a world championship will have a single-seat fully electric car that will run on 18 inch tyres. Michelin’s decision to introduce these tyres was highly appreciated that will also encourage close similarity between racing and road tyres.

Adaptable, treaded tyres: Michelin has endowed its special tyres with a tread that is designed to be fully effective on both wet and dry tracks. So these are very efficient all weather tyres. This also pays a tribute to the general road tyres which run on both wet and dry road conditions.

Matchless performance: The Michelin tyres are treaded but are also authentic racing tyres. They are specially designed to deliver the maximum level of performance and durability, while also providing the maximum amount of on track benefit to the Renault electric single-seat car for the World Championship. To achieve this, Michelin has used the most cutting-edge technology, highest quality materials and research.

Renault has created this fully electric single-seater race car especially for the World Championship using the Spark Racing Technology that has been approved by the industry leading companies dealing with electric as well as race cars. Michelin and Renault together demonstrated the innovative racing car along with the specially developed tyres to showcase its performance power. In this way, the companies also showed their commitment to superior performance.

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