Formula one protectant with vanilla fragrance for a glossy car interior

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Cleaning car interiors is a tedious task; companies have now eased the lives of millions with some efficient products that do the trick in less than half the time. Formula One Protectant with Vanilla fragrance is one of them. This product is offered with Mahindra Scorpio, which is branded in India’s top selling car list. Those who own the Mahindra Scorpio will encounter the difficulties in cleaning its vast interiors, now with Formula one protectant the job is much easier and the end result is an amazingly shiny surface.

mothers california gold natural formula wax liquid 16ozThe properties of Formula one protectant are it generates an incredible shine to interior materials including thick fabrics like leather runner and vinyl. Consumers can enjoy the fresh Vanilla scent for eons. Moreover the sprayed surface will not appear dry or have cracks. The end result in a brand new image with a glossy shine, and the best part is there is no room for dust collection. Formula One is offered in 6 different fragrances.

There are some precautionary measures to be taken while using this product which is Formula one protectant should be sprayed on soft material first and then applied to the desired surface. An important point to note here is the spray should not be used on brake pedals, gas or steering wheel. If applied on these spots, it will create a slippery effect and might pose problems while driving. To wipe away extra formula one protectant spray residues, use a glass cleaner on the surface and then clean with soft fabric. The main attribute to consider before purchasing this spray is it can prevent further damage, but cannot wash away existing stains.

Most products are now manufactured using protectants, most people will be curious to understand the benefits of protectants. If cars are exposed to sun for long periods, too much UV ray penetration might damage the lustrous quality of plastic, leather, rubber and vinyl. With application of powerful protectants such as Formula One Protectant with Vanilla essence will absorb UV rays.

The technology used to manufacture cleaners and protectants have progressed to whole new level. Earlier car wash solutions did not have potent ingredients with exemplary dirt absorbing capacities, now protectants and  cleaners can absorb dirt, UV rays and so on, using advanced technologies such as nanotechnology, encapsulation and so on. These techniques are used in food and pharmaceutical, textile industries and many others.

The Vanilla fragrance in Formula One Protectant offers an everlasting refreshing smell. Most spray and perfume companies are manufacturing products with natural ingredients in greater proportions. Frequent mall goes will be familiar with the range of natural products used. Vanila is a common ingredient in shampoos, lotions, hand wash and creams.

Those who are excited with the thought of buying the Mahindra Scorpio can opt for Formula One protectant. With this product Scorpio car interiors will appear fresh and sparkling at all times. The Scorpio is an ideal vacation model to venture on a long holiday with a group of family and friends. This is a worthy purchase for a price of Rs 345.

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