Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 accessories

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If you have recently purchased a brand new Maruti Suzuki Alto 800, then it only makes sense to invest in the right accessories for your new hatchback. Here is a  few accessories that you would like to invest in for your new Alto 800.

Maruti Suzuki Alto 800

Speedwav Car Body Cover for Maruti New Alto 800

The Speedwav body cover is designed specifically to custom fit your new Alto 800. This body cover is tailored to suit all models of the Alto 800. This body cover is manufactured using premium quality material and also features side mirror pockets for offering complete coverage for the car. It also has a uniquely designed caution strip that helps to prevent scratches or accidents.

This body cover for your Alto 800 is quite durable and lasts for a long time. The material of this body cover is 99.5 percent waterproof and also offers 99.5 percent UV protection which ensures that the car’s body color does not fade due to be exposed to the sunlight. This body cover effectively prevents minor abrasions and scratches. It also features a clip buckle to keep the cover in place so that it does not fly away in stormy or windy conditions.

For an ergonomic fit, it features elastic sewn seams. This Speedwav body cover is machine washable and can be easily folded and kept when not in use. This body cover features a stunning royal blue color and you also get a superior quality carry bag absolutely free from the Speedwav. It is also sold at a heavily discounted price on several online stores.

Carnation Car Anti Rust & Beautification Package

The Carnation Car Anti Rust & Beautification package is a comprehensive maintenance kit to protect your vehicle from catching rust and also safeguarding the exterior paint color. In this maintenance pack, you get

Car Wash

With this car wash, you can easily clean the underneath as well as the exteriors of the car using pressurized shampoo and water. Right cleaning is important to rid your vehicle of grime, dust, dirt and other things like bird droppings, bugs or even limestone dripping that affects the car paint. When you regularly clean your car, moisture quickly dries up.  However, when there is a lot of grime inside, it attracts the moisture which may cause corrosion.

Anti Rust Coating

Anti Rust coating pack is also a highly beneficial accessory for your Alto 800.  This pack is easy to use. All you have to do is apply the protective chemical coating carefully at the bottom end of the vehicle to ensure it does not rust in monsoon. Needless to say, all vehicles are prone to minor abrasions that not just peel of the car’s paint but also lead to corrosion of the metal. Hence, this anti-rust coating is highly recommended.

Rubbing & Polishing

The rubbing and polishing packs serves as a complete beautification package that helps to get rid of minor scratches seen on the car and also helps in restoring the sheen of the exterior paint.

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