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Hyundai Eon is surely a one of its kind automotive. The car matches the needs and requisitions of every standard Indian driver. It is lavishly decked with amazing features and supports some great accessories to list it in the best styled cars from the Hyundai shed. However, you can accentuate the overall look of the coupe by getting Eon accessories online and adding something extra to it. There are several accessories available for the car. Some of them are listed below:

Speedwav – Tyre LED Set of 2 with Motion Sensor On-Off – Blue colour

Speedwav – Tyre LED Set of 2 with Motion Sensor On/ Off – Blue colour

This amazing LED light will completely change the look of the car and attract the attention of the others walking on the road. The LED lamps are vibrant, energy saving and sport a long lie. It also increases night-time visibility and bad weather sight and increases the safety of your car. It is quick to install and gets attached to tire valve easily. It doesn’t require any battery and is attached to the vehicle’s battery. It comes with light sensors that indicate that the light is not in function during the day. It comes with small waterproof cover.


  • It lightens up on its own by using top quality internal zone button batteries
  • All you got to do is screw it in the tire valve.
  • It is designed of top quality plastic material.

Hyundai Eon Car Rain as well as Window Deflector

Sun rain Visor instrument renders added safety to the car’s window. The set of this equipment has been especially crafted for Hyundai Eon Car. It is produced with top notch ABS plastic. Available in a set of four pieces all shaded black. Regardless of the day whether it is sunny or rainy, with the help of visor panel, you can open the window and breathe fresh air. It is perfectly compact and well designed to guarantee the reduction of noise made by the wind. One can install via a twin sided adhesive on the mounting area which can easily be stuck to the car window frame.


  • Under any weather condition, it maintains the fresh air circulation inside the car and protects the cabin from sun or rain.
  • It also prohibits mist generation on the windows of the coupe.
  • It lowers the temperature of the car during scorching heat and prevents, rain, sand to enter the interior of the car.
  • It has been perfectly designed to match the look of the Eon and enhance its appeal
  • It features great quality smooth surface with carefully crafted edges to avoid any type of hurt.

There are many other Eon accessories that you can include in your car to make it more stylish and attractive like Mud flap sets, Body Cover, Single DIN Music System, Leather Seat Cover, Leather Steering Wheel Cover. These accessories accentuate the look of the coar and give it a finer look. So, what are you waiting for? If you like any of these, get them added to your Eon now!

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Eon Accessories Online and enhance your Car’s Look, 5.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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