Autographix Hush label – Designed to kill the storm

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Car graphics are common accessories to create a more vibrant, professional or soothing image to cars. A reputed label firm, Autographix has introduced the Hush label for magnificent models of Vento, Dzire and City. The term Hush is attention grabbing and more so for a label, when dealers mention the phrase hush label, customers would be curious and puzzled. This is not a common term used for labels compared to fish tank, football and batman.

autographix hush decalThe label sports an inverted zig zag design, the design moves from left to right and after the first zig zag; the next line has no direction. Behind the design is a checkered board theme. Hush label is painted with a faint light green shade, this is observed in the first zig zag, and here too the line has no direction. A perfect thick zig zag structure is observed only in the middle. The first portion of the design is green, the middle lay out is a light and dark blue shade, the same pattern is followed in the last segment.

The term Hush suits the label to the core, mainly with the colors used; such shades are usually observed in water bodies of rivers, streams and beaches. People flock to rivers, beaches and streams to calm their minds, since these are known to wipe away stress and worries. Most meditation spots where people practice Yoga are close to still water bodies or greenery.

The concept of colors has become a hot topic of interest, one of the hidden meanings of color blue is tranquility and with green it is freshness and soothing. Autographix has a brilliant team of designers who have incorporated various Hush shades into a one label. Such labels are beneficial to fight current work pressures caused by rapid product movement and expansion of IT and management consulting firms in India. Driving to work with Hush label stuck to Vento, Dzire and City will calm the mind of occupants to such an extent that the person can expect a promotion.

Driving in enormous traffic conditions and on uneven roads in India is pretty hectic, with the Hush label stuck to cars, the rage is gone and more positive thinking  is one the cards. The fast paced life has forced people to drive even when sick; the Hush label now acts as a soothing medicine. Years ago, the work could be postponed, but now with increase in commodity costs, such a situation cannot occur.

As mentioned earlier Hush label makes car exteriors appear more aesthetic, and this has resulted in a new hobby, which is exterior car decoration. This is an attractive medium to makes cars appear more colorful according to customer’s liking. It can be attached on body panel, roof or hood. Autographic has catered to the arty population with Hush label, because such designs are common in paintings.

For its marvelous creativity the label is priced at Rs 1,499. It would be interesting to witness many more such stunning label creations in the near future. Such accessories enable close family bonding and the memories will be cherished forever. The entire car purchasing process is a more pleasurable event.

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