Eye catching exterior accessory for Hyundai Eon

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Hyundai Motor is India’s second largest car maker and also the largest exporter of vehicles. Within a time period of just 15 years, this South Korean auto leader has acquired a lot of achievements in the car market of India.

LetsModify Blinking Mirror CoverHyundai Motor India Limited has a lot of car quality and bestselling car offerings in the car market of India. Hyundai offers a range of great stylish, quality cars that are high on convenience and also value for money. Hyundai’s offerings are very popular in India and the car consumers are greatly excited whenever the company launches a new car in the market. The great buzz revolving around all the new Hyundai cars is actually depended on the company’s assurance when quality, features and convenience are concerned. Hyundai also claims to be offering great feature packed car models along with aggressive price range in order to offer the maximum amount of value for money package to the consumers. Hyundai offers a range of cars in India starting from small hatchbacks to the more premium and luxurious sedans.

Among the many great quality car model offerings from the house of Hyundai Motor, the Eon is a very popular compact hatchback offering that has been able to get ample amount of the Indian consumers love and appreciation. The Hyundai Eon hatchback is very competent, quality car that offers good performance and fuel efficiency as well.

The Hyundai Eon looks great from the outside, as it has modern styling features and good structure to appeal to all the age groups of the Indian car consumers. The Eon looks stylish and appealing from the outside and its interiors also match well with its nice exterior visual appeal. On the inside, the Eon creates a good ambience with its nicely styled interior and stylish upholstery. The car though compact in design and structure provides good space and comfort to its occupants. A small Indian family can easily travel in the Eon with no complaints regarding space and comfort. The cabin of this small hatch offers good amount of head and shoulder space while also offering great leg room to all its passengers.

When driving comfort is concerned, the Hyundai Eon also offers great on road performance. The hatchback provides quality handling and maneuvering capabilities to the driver and offers superior ride comfort. Owing to its small and compact body and a good small radius of the steering wheel, you can also easily get to park this car in a very small difficult to park parking lot outside a cramped up mall or a picnic spot. Hence, the Hyundai Eon makes for a perfect contemporary city car.

Have a Hyundai Eon and proud to own it? Then, heighten its style quotient with it this stylish exterior accessory.

LetsModify Blinking Mirror Cover for Hyundai Eon


  • Superior Quality
  • Great, stylish appeal
  • Elegant white color

This blinking lighted exterior mirror cover is a very safe accessory especially for highway driving. This also ensures better visibility during rain and fog, while also adding a touch of style. It is priced at Rs. 1290.

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