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Portable clocks are common home and office accessories, but now it is offered in car show rooms, with the trendy Skoda Fabia hatchback. One such product in the offering is the Flag with Clock, this is an intricate item draped in esteem and pride. This is true; the Flag with Clock is a classy golden and white piece, with two Indian flags attached on it in a criss-cross fashion.

flag with clock for carFor a detailed description of the product, it is molded into a round sparkling golden stand, with two Indian flags standing in a slanted criss-cross manner, and coming to the position of the clock, it is not attached to the stand, but rather protected by the flags. The outer circumference of the clock is golden and the inside it is white, with golden dials. The stem of the flag is painted with a rich golden shade, and on the tip is a small vase like sculpt, garnished into an exceptionally imaginative piece.

Small clocks with flags are not uncommon, and are common pieces in homes, and offices, but the Flag with Clock is something different from the usual, the ingenuity stems from the fact that the clock is protected by the two Indian flags; this is an interesting and unique scenario. There is no better feeling than carrying your country with you everywhere you go, and India has taught its people so much in terms of mutual respect for all religions and castes. India is a land of many religions and cultures, and various festivals are celebrated with equal zeal and this factor is highlighted by the tricolor on the Indian flag.

Few common areas where the Indian flag is available are in sport stadiums, and army spots. Cricket is the most appreciated sport in India, and Indian’s were ecstatic when the nation carried the World Cup home in 2011. Also army personnel’s are on dangerous grounds, fighting to protect our nation, it takes great courage and honor to fight for your country, and soldiers have lost their lives doing so, their gratitude remains for life, and are given posthumous awards.

Carrying the Flag with Clock accessory, is a symbol of the power of our nation, and brings back pleasurable thoughts about the eminent personalities who have put India on a pedestal. An important point to take not of with this accessory is the fact that India has always protected its citizens is clearly highlighted, visible at the point where the clock is protected by two flags.

India has grown as a nation, since Independence, especially in the past ten years ago, with the boom in IT, consultancy and automobile firms. India’s strong economy over the past few years has made way for foreign investments, and top Indian business entrepreneurs are the backbones behind the country’s strong emerging economy, and their skills are recognized in the global arena. Step into a store on foreign soil and Indian fast moving good commodities are visible any and everywhere. Mahindra and Tata Motors are two globally recognized Indian brands.

Flag with clock when ordered, it will arrive at your doorstep in two to three working days, holidays are not included here and it costs Rs 298. So grab the Skoda Fabia, and take pride in being an Indian.

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