Black Label car door white scratch guard – No room for mood swings

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The Indian population today takes home hefty salaries, and hence most top notch corporate professionals have means own posh cars. Skoda Fabia is among the exotic brands desired by many. Today people are extremely conscious about maintaining a brand new car image at all times, since a lavish car is a priced possession, anyone would want to retain the trendy demeanor of Skoda Fabia. The car is garnished with a neat side strip, elegant tight fitting roof and inventive halogen head lights and sold in eye candy shades of Cappuccino Beige, Brilliant Silver, Magic Black, Candy White and Flash Red.

black label car door scratch guardBuying the Skoda Fabia is the best gift anyone can ask for, and there are accessories up for grabs to preserve the pristine status of this present called the Black Label car door white scratch guard. It is offered in four rectangular pieces and can be attached to car door borders.

Indian roads today, is filled with heaps of traffic, and this has increased pollution levels caused by extensive vehicular emission levels. Now don’t be of the view that the Black label car door white scratch guard is not necessary on quiet roads, it is not the case, with increase in deforestation activities to make room for greater industrial development, hence even on serene roads, dust particles can attack your car.

The construction scene in India is not too impressive, and it is a common sight to observe dug up roads, and this is also a favorable atmosphere for dust particles, and cars which are few inches away from this episode, there are chances of dirt and dust collection. If the lane is a narrow one, it leaves greater room for dust collection. It is thereby important to dress your car with Black label car door white guard at all times.

They say weather plays havoc on a person’s mood swings, and Indian monsoons are mayhem episodes, more so for those who live in Mumbai. Travelling back and forth from work is torturous during peak monsoons, and Indian roads are of no help, and it is now difficult to protect your precious Skoda Fabia. There is now a solution to this problem, with the Black label car door white scratch guard, cruising on rain water filled potholes is no longer an annoying encounter. What better way to enjoy the weekend, than to take your car for a beach spin, a swift drive experience on the beach makes way for sand collection on wheels and upper car surfaces, now such a scenario no longer exists with the Black label car door white guard.

Rash driving is a common phenomenon in India and there are few who just enjoy the thrill of overtaking, and are not bothered about the state of car of fellow driver. The annoyance factor is now reduced with Black label car door white guard, and now your Skoda Fabia will look brand new.

The car purchasing process is a thrilling one, and consumers would want to preserve this image indefinitely. Years from now old cars will appear brand new, and the secret behind this mystery would have already been unfolded.

To provide an overview of the characteristics of Black Label car door white guard, it guards your car from impactful damage, dust and dirt. It costs Rs 450.

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