Tropicool Halogen Reading Light – For an electrifying night encounter

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The comfort levels in cars have increased enormously, there is a range of exciting comfort items like armrests, and head rests and so on. Reputed firms like Tropicool has another unique and interesting accessory up for grabs called Tropicool Halogen Reading Light offered with the trendy Skoda Fabia.

tropicool halogen reading light hba 55

Portable reading lights are common equipments in houses and offices, but in cars it is luxury by itself. Cars these days are packed with modern and advanced cutting-edge luxury, few models have in-built touch screen systems. The entertainment network is also more pleasurable than before, with the incorporation of state-of-the art software technology that enables users to connect their music diaries to audio system, there are also Aux-in, Mp3 and USB facilities. The addition of Tropicool halogen reading light completes the modernized lavish car picture.

Most people would be curious as to where the halogen reading light is inserted, for those who can guess, the answer is simple, on the rear deck attached to one of the back seats. The design is simple and trendy, molded into a long thread like structure on which the light is fitted in a rectangular mold. It can be compared to one of those loose thread sparkler crackers. Another curious factor here is if the light is fitted on the rear deck, will it be beneficial to front passengers; yes it will be because the light distribution is uniform and operates on 12 Volt (DC) Direct Current. There is a switch to turn the bulb on or off, and the radiance offered by the powerful halogen light complements the royal and sophisticated ivory and onyx grey Skoda Fabia interiors.

It is a totally new and exciting event to drive the Skoda Fabia with halogen reading light. This can be termed a useful dusk product, and now night travels are more thrilling than before. Night train journeys are life-remembering experiences, because of the movement in unexplored dark areas; even though the outer view is invisible the experience is still exhilarating. The same encounter can be felt in cars with Tropicool halogen reading light.

Reading is a favorite hobby for many and with the Tropicool halogen reading light, consumers can indulge in enjoyable night reading moments.  The night is filled with mysteries, and reading a mystery novel close to a dark exterior world under the Tropicool halogen reading light, is certainly a sensational moment.

There are times when people are forced to travel at night, and might travel is a restless moment for young kids. With the Tropicool halogen reading light, young kids can pass time with their fun drawing and coloring activities. Long nights in cars can sometimes lead to extensive insomnia and fatigue, but the journey can’t be too uncomfortable with the halogen reading lights, besides reading there are other hobbies to catch up on such as sketching, solving puzzles, or even practicing a flute or bugle recital.

The activity quotient in India has risen, people of all ages enjoy night travel and garden parties are common. With the Tropicool halogen reading light, the illumination effect is so powerful, that an entire night can be spent in the garden with loads of music, food and drinks.

Tropicool halogen reading light is sold with a one year warranty, and offered in LED and Halogen lights. It costs Rs 1,710.

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