Premium car cover for your worthy Hyundai Eon

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Hyundai India offers a range of great quality and value for money cars in the Indian car market. One such very capable car models from Hyundai is the popular Eon. The Hyundai Eon compact hatchback is a very popular car and it deserves all the attention as it is a perfect contemporary, urban car model suitable for the modern and trendy Indians. The Eon is very attractive and packs in all the capabilities to cater to the daily commuting needs of the Indian consumers.

Speedwav Champion Car Body Cover Hyundai EonProtect the stunning looks of your Eon with this premium quality car cover:

Speedwav Champion Car Body Cover Hyundai Eon


  • Best quality material with long lasting durability
  • Sports car manufacturer Logo and exterior Mirror Pockets for custom look and complete coverage
  • Offers great protection from dust, mud, rain, falling objects, bird droppings and minor scratches and dings
  • Offers 99.5 percent water resistance and great UV rays protection
  • Material is itself scratch Resistant
  • Protects from the heating and fading effects of the sun (UV rays) and keeps the interiors cool
  • All weather car cover for great overall protection of the your car’s exterior and visual looks
  • Light material that can be easily used and handled
  • Fully hand/machine washable and can be folded and stored into a small bag Foldable material
  • Comes with double stitching for enhanced durability
  • Its elastic hems offer great fit
  • Great coverage and custom fit along with the side mirrors
  • Comes with clip buckle in order to prevent the cover from flying off during storms
  • Side Mirror Pocket covering comes with red colored CAUTION strip on them to prevent accidental brushing
  • Comes with a handy carry bag from Speedwav to store the cover safely inside the car
  • Comes in a attractive Royal Blue color

If you really want to safeguard the exterior looks of your car for a long time, then the usage of a great quality car cover is highly recommended. A quality all weather car cover not only protects your car from rain and dust, but also from the various other harmful things such as the fading effects of the UV rays and the starches and dings arising from falling objects. However, only a very superior quality car cover can provide a comprehensive protection and this is exactly what the Speedwav Champion Car Body Cover provides to your car. This great car body cover offers overall exterior protection to your car irrespective of the weather. Its high quality material offers protection to your car’s instrument panel from the harmful effects of heating and keeps the cabin cooler. It also comes with exterior mirror pockets for custom fit and great coverage. The cover also carries the car maker’s logo depending on your car model offering further custom looks. It comes in various choices according to your car’s maker and model. What more, the package also comes with a great freebie; an ED Hardy Perfume for your car. It is priced at Rs. 1159.

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Premium car cover for your worthy Hyundai Eon, 4.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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