Universal car dual 2 mobile stand holder – Double the fun for everyone

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Mobiles have become an integral component of our everyday lives, and mobile accessories have become the in thing today. People flock to mobile accessory stores to find the best possible creatively designed mobile cover. Now mobile holders are offered with cars, one such classic piece is the universal car dual 2 mobile stand holder mount sucker sold with Maruti Suzuki Ritz.

universal car dual 2 mobile stand holder

Mobile holders are become living breathing spaces along with phones; the universal car dual 2 mobile stand holder is not a decorative piece but can be termed a convenient accessory. It is a holder, and on the thought of mobile holders few images that would emerge are mobile covers, or mobile stands with single stalk. Expect to visualize a one of a kind design theme with universal car dual 2 mobile stand holder. It has a round base out of which emerges two stalks, and each terminated into a rectangular frame to accommodate mobiles.

What can be more exciting than buying the trendy Maruti Ritz and taking home a mobile holder than can accommodate not one but two phones. Some people today own two phones, phones are fascinating pieces, but the reason for some to own two phones is to flow with the current fast-paced life.

It is convenient to drive to work with the universal car dual 2 mobile stand holder. Firstly, the convenience lies with the fact that it can be stored anywhere in the front compartment of the car. You can answer called via the speaker model and continue to focus on the crazy traffic. Secondly, you can be assured that your phone is intact and easy to locate at all times, without the means to slip and fall.

It’s fun to carry around the universal car dual 2 mobile stand holder, especially if you are headed to a fun weekend place with a group of friends. You can chat with two friends at one shot, and this way it is easier to reach the desired destination on time, rather than wasting time speaking to one person and then trying to catch the other one.

With the expansion of IT, online sales and outsourcing industries in India, working professionals will have to at times, cater to two other divisions, or other industries. With the universal car dual 2 mobile stand holder, it is more flexible to converse with representatives from two different industries. There are times when employees have to travel in between cities to attend meetings and conferences, and they may have to attend to two different companies or divisions in the same city.

Universal car dual 2 mobile stand holder is a perfect recreational accessory where three friends can chat at one shot. To provide an overview of the features of universal car dual 2 mobile stand holder, it can transport two phones at one go. It is compatible with GPS navigation system and smartphones. There are some who enjoy traveling anytime anywhere, and the GPS navigation system is suitable to visit not just one but two vacation spots in a day. The installation process is quick and straight forward. Its dimensional measurements are the first holder is 117mm wide and with the second holder the measurement is 115mm. It costs Rs 450.

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