Low profile tire modified for Mahindra Scorpio

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Tyres are an important part of any four wheelers and the replacement schedule of the same varies depending on the type of vehicle one considers to use. There are more than 14 brands of tires that are available in India quite easy and cater to the various segments of vehicles. While hatchbacks and smaller sedans require frequent replacements as they feature thinner treads, tires of SUVs are meant to last longer depending on the type of the tire chosen.

Low profile Tires

Low profile Tires:

Sports cars are generally slung speeded machines that feature tires that stick very close to their wheel rims. Such tires that feature very short sidewalls are termed as low profile tires. These stiffer and shorter features of these tires allow better steering responsiveness and also enhance the handling of the car. These low profile tires have a dual purpose of enhancing driving dynamics and also offer a superior grip. Mahindra Scorpio has been considering the use of low profile tires for its new variant as its wider and taller wheel trims fits best with these low profile tires. It has to be kept in mind that if these low profile tires are bigger than it might affect the driving dynamics, handling and drive quality of Mahindra Scorpio.

Though the use of these low profile tires for Mahindra Scorpio is a wise option to be considered to satisfy budget conscious Indian four wheeler buys, these low profile tires if used on smooth tarmac when run on Indian Highways could potentially puncture the rim and the customer’s mind.

Low profile tires for Mahindra Scorpio:

Makers of Mahindra Scorpio are looking forward to supply the best fit low profile alloy wheels to their Indian releases so that it would best fit the Indian customers. The tires of Mahindra Scorpio come with P 235 x 70 tubeless tires of R 16 type and these tires are considered the most important part of the Mahindra Scorpio car. It was true that cars that have been produced by Mahindra are of different types and are needed to be chosen depending on the type of the terrain, the cars were drove on. These low profile tires have been designed for India specifically and are tubeless, radial and are suitable for all terrains and retain all their standard features.

Credibility of Mahindra low profile tires:

These tires would offer the best comfort of the car and though the rubber is thin, it still offers the best and stiffer looks. These tires match the OEM specifications of the car and these tires have a softer component that would offer the best road grip and the most comfortable ride for the Indian users. Its side walls also offer excellent flex to cushion the vehicle. These tires could also have long life options and would feature a harder compound to do a lot of mileage. Though some of the Indian drivers may not life the drive quality of the vehicle, they would still offer an extended life for the vehicle.

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