TomTom Start 20 and 25 navigation – To explore mysterious corners

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The advancements in software technology have expanded the car navigation industry. Tom Tom is among the highly acclaimed navigation firms, which has developed new systems with novel technologies to cater to a relaxed and stress free drive encounter. The navigation system is molded into a light weight structure and measures 11 cm, and its screen dimension is 13 centimeters. Tom Tom navigation system is fun to own and can be carried any and everywhere and finds a neat spot in pockets. It can be folded as well.

TomTom Start 20 navigation system

Tom Tom navigation system is equipped with split screen feature- the software technology inserted here is called advanced lane guidance. Advanced lane guidance is filled with navigation software which is extremely easy to read. India has witnessed a massive expansion in industrial sector over the years, and even today there are many construction sites. Hence it is difficult to keep track of lanes at all times. The set of construction material at times changes the road scenes and drivers and pedestrians at time feel like they are somewhere else. With Tom Tom there is no room for confusion, and the technology is in sync with current road changes, and even when owners are confused about where they are Tom Tom navigation assures people that they are at the right place at the right time.

The other technology used is called IQ Route T-With this feature drivers can calculate the exact distance to the desired destination, and also calculate the time arrival. This way heaps of fuel and time is saved, driver can cruise on the right lanes via a ‘turn voice guided instructions’ and this feature is tailored in thirteen languages spoken in India apart from English.

The invention of superior navigation technologies like Tom Tom has eased the lives of millions. It is a breather to have this system inserted in cars, particularly during emergency situations when owners are trying to locate a nearby hospital or find a school or university. The Advanced lane guidance feature is extremely flexible where occupants can effectively locate the path to an unexplored destination. The IQ route T feature is a boon where the ‘turn voice guided instructions feature embedded in thirteen languages is a boon for those who are not familiar with English and the language of the state.

TomTom has improved the lifestyle of individuals especially travel buffs who would like to just take off to a new destination. This is possible with the advanced lane guidance feature of Tom Tom, here a group of family and friends can just have a blast and explore new cities. It’s a fun and adventurous journey to be able to explore new undiscovered sites. Adventure buffs can even vacation in a forest lodge and those who would like to spend moments in serene atmosphere away from the mundane bustling city life can head to the last resorts.

Those who are keen to purchase Tom Tom can do so, it is extremely beneficial to feel stress free at all times. The Tom Tom Start 20 navigation system costs Rs 9,499 and the Tom Tom Start 25 package is priced at Rs 10,999.

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